Surround, Immersive, VR

Vintage microphones collection

Outrageous outboard gear

Native Instruments, Waves, UAD, Avid, 3rd party plugins

Bricasti, Lexicon, software reverbs

Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and MOTU DAWs

At Andora Studio we put together projects for solo artists, rock bands, and symphonic recordings for both albums and films.

ANDORA is a private studio located in Los Angeles, California. The studio is configured around the latest Pro Tools HDX system, and is supported by systems running CuBase, Sibelius, Logic and Digital Performer.  Reverbs include Bricasti, Lexicon, TC, as well as software choices.  Sample libraries include: everything.

The monitor speakers were designed by legendary award winning engineer Dan Walin, and utilize his custom-designed enclosures coupled with carefully chosen amplification.  The Pro Tools system is Dolby Atmos ready, and capable of mixing in the newest 9.1 format, with impressive fold downs to 7.1, 5.1 and stereo with a touch of a button.

ANDORA caters primarily to a private group of clients, but on select occasions the studio is used to mix or produce outside projects.

Pictured below is a live recording for “Snake & Mongoose” done at East/West Studios in Hollywood.  The project was then mixed at ANDORA.  Photography below by Howard Pasamanick.